Catering Menu

Deli Platter

Large Platter $49.00 (6 Lbs)
Small Platter $29.00 (3 Lbs)
4-5 Servings Per Pound
Drop-Off Buffets

All Pricing is subject to tax and service charge. Minimum 20 people.
$14.99 per person
Included are all quality disposable plates, forks, napkins, service utensils and chafers (to keep your food hot).
Hometown Favs

Prepared for a minimum of 15 Guests. $13.99 per person.

All Salad Luncheon Packages Include: freshly baked assortment of specialty breads and rolls and butter, brownies, and cream puffs. Price is per person. Add our soup of the day for $2.00 per person. All pricing is subject to tax and service charge. Minimum 10 people. Soda and bottled water may be added for $1.50 up charge per person.
Sub Sandwich Platter

Full Tray / Half Tray
Wellington Sandwich Platters

Your choice of Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach, Garlic & Herb, Plain, or Jalapeno Cheddar - 7 Wraps on each platter
Lighter Fare

House Dressings:
apple cider vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Peppercorn Ranch, Greek, Italian, Thousand Island, and Rivera. / Bleu Cheese additional $0.59
Pub Wraps

Choice of Garlic Herb/ Jalapeno Cheddar or Sun-Dried Tomato
Pub Sandwiches

White/ Wheat/ Rye/ Weck Roll/ Hoagie Roll (plain or seasoned)/ Kaiser Roll
Choice of Cajun mayo/ Garlic Herb mayo/ or Avocado mayo
Pub Melts
Pub Burgers
Pub Sides
Wednesday and Friday at the Wellington
Beer List